Staff Augmentation Company in Dubai UAE

Hiring the best qualified applicants under your T&C conditions

Why should you use Staff Augmentation Company in Dubai UAE?

Establish a global, diverse workplace and take advantage of the built-in benefits including on employees to accomplish tasks on schedule and within budget through the best staff augmentation company in Dubai.

Recruiting Experts

Our solid, hardworking staff augmentation consulting team ensures that you get highly empowered employees to fulfil your requirements.

Scrum Meetings

We are constantly striving for excellence in staffing solutions through scrum events and rapid development methodologies.

Transparency throughout the process

All stages of the processes that we undertake as your recruiting solutions are transparent.

Client Contentment

Our client satisfaction rating is 9/10, which demonstrates how well our staffing solutions have served our clients.

Various Engagement Models

We can attend to companies of various sizes and scales because we have more diverse engagement models than other IT recruitment firms.

Best in the Industry

Dwellfox IT experts can provide you with a unique combination of experience and skills.

Tools & technologies for staff augmentation services

Delivering cutting-edge staff augmentation services as we deploy and implement powerful technologies, software platforms, and tools SMEs. 


HTML/CSS Developer


QA Experts

Php development serivces

PHP Developer


Android Developer


UI/UX Developer


SQL Developer

React Js

React Js

JAVA technology

Java Developer


DOT NET Developer


iOS Developer


Angular Developer



Full Stack Developer

Python Developer


WordPress Developer


Xamarin Developer

Node Js

HTML/CSS Developer



Our Offerings in Staff Augmentation Consulting

We offer staff augmentation services to businesses that need professional employees to achieve their goals and increase company efficiency.


Dwellfox creates multiple Job Descriptions using preset templates and manages them across multiple portals.


Dwellfox AI and automation enable our recruiting solutions to screen resumes asynchronously, speeding up the recruitment process.


Schedule interviews based on your candidates’ availability and avoid backlogs and queues by partnering with our IT recruitment agency.

Analytics for Evaluation

With AI, Natural Language Processing, and Gesture Analysis, you can gain insight into your prospective candidates’ deepest capabilities.

Personality Evaluations

When you sign up for our recruiting solutions, you can assess your candidates’ soft skills because our team incorporates personality tests.

Judgemental call

As you sign up for our recruiting solutions, you will be able to generate reports and reach a cross-team consensus on your hiring decision.

Our IT Staff Hiring Models

Check out our AI-powered Recruitment Models, which has resulted in the hiring of new employees who are 100% aligned with the needs of our clients.

Direct Hiring

With our Quick Staffing Services, you can not only recruit the most talented tech talent on-demand, and moreover retain them and achieve a greater ROI.

Hiring IT Contractors

Our IT Hiring Firm provides you with AI-vetted tech experts as well as tech teams on a contract basis for short-term recruitment and staffing needs.

IT Staff Supplementation

Instead of hiring new employees to scale your team, use our IT Staff Augmentation Model to hire an IT Expert or a group of tech talents and save significantly!

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